Saturday, January 21

Good-Bye Key West! Thank you for having us!

Quantum Key West Race Week is an event that takes all year to arrange and there are many people to thank! Yet, it would never have been, if not for the gracious hosting of the lovely little island of Key West, Florida. This beautiful southern most point of the United States has been a perfect location for sailors. Providing world class racing for 25 years and counting.

We'll leave you with this beautiful parting shot taking by Allen Clark of Meanwhile, visit our listing of all the professional photographers who support Race Week to re-live the event from setting-up the venue, on-the-water action, and evening awards. These talented shooters have it covered and we appreciate their time and commitment to this event.


It was a star-studded class of sailors from all over the country and world. Well done to all, whether or not you brought home the crystal. You came, you raced, did your best, improved your team-work, learned more about your boat, and by weeks end: are all better sailors for it. Can't think of another event in North America in the middle of Winter that provides all the conditions, with the level of competition to help any sailor bring it all to a higher level.

Here's hoping you achieve "Boat of the Day" in 2013!

Once again... THANK YOU!!!

It's always a pleasure to help share this event with both the sailors and those at home. It all comes together because of an impressive team of 100+ volunteers, and the following Industry sponsors/partners. Thank you for all the hard work, commitment, and dedication to celebrating Quantum Key West and the event's 25th Anniversary.

Quantum Key West 2012 Sponsors are Title Sponsor Quantum Sails and Day Sponsors Lewmar/Navtec (Official Marine Hardware), Mount Gay® Rum (Official Rum), and Nautica Watches (Official Timekeeper). The Supporting Sponsors are B&G (Official Marine Electronics), Marlow Ropes (Official Rope), Gill and Layline (Official Technical Gear and Retailer) and Sebago (Official Footwear).

Quantum Key West 2012 is also supported by The Florida Keys & Key West Tourism Council, which recognizes the importance of having a world-class, international regatta in Key West every year. The Historic Seaport at the Key West Bight is the Official Marina. The City of Key West and the Key West business community also play an important, long-term role in race week’s success. The Ocean Key Resort and Spa is the Official Hotel. Sapporo USA is the Official Beer Supplier and Regatta Ginger Beer is the Official Ginger Beer.

27 Industry Partners bring their support through a program that is now in its 11th year.
Quantum Key West 2012 is a US SAILING sanctioned event.

The racing will be conducted under permit in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The sanctuary protects 2,900 square nautical miles of critical marine habitat, including coral reef, hard bottom, seagrass meadow, mangrove communities and sand flats.

Event information, past results and photos:

Friday, January 20

What to Expect on Final Day of Quantum Key West Week 2012

Expect a PERFET day of sailing. Period.

Mr. Weather, George Caras advised, "We'll have a Northeasterly flow while the High hugs the coast of Florida." During the start of the race (1130h), we'll see breeze in the mid-teens ranging from 050-060. As the day progresses, and sometime in the afternoon, our RC/Sailors will experience a right shift to 080-100.

Just before this righty, George advised our Race Committee there could be a line of patchy clouds to alert them to this coming shift in wind direction. While following the blogs today, if they start referring to the clouds in the horizon, this will also be your clue at home.

What does that mean?

It means they may get some insight to whether or not they have to change/tweak the race course to ensure fair racing for the respective fleets. Having to modify a race course in sailing as a result of changing wind directions is common play. Otherwise, for today's racing, this will be a minor bit of weather news as the forecast sees our sailors experiencing a steady wind for the entire day of racing.

With today's NE flow over KW, one can see there is NOTHING coming from the NW!
On a lighter note...

Today IS our last day of racing and evening activities. If you have not already, please visit with our industry partners on the "main strip" just outside Kelly's Bar and Grill. From the 25th Anniversary Layline/Gill "Swag" to gorgeous Nautica Watches, an opportunity to talk to industry reps for Lewmar/Navtec, Marlow Ropes, and B&G Electronics. Finally, your feet must slip on a pair of Sebago Dock-side shoes!

Thank you to all our sponsors, supporters, sailors, volunteers, and local Key West residents for making the 25th Anniversary of Quantum Key West Race Week one to remember and cherish! Looking forward to ending the week with all, this evening from 5:30 to 7:30 while we give out the day's and overall regatta awards. One more night of enjoying Mount Gay Rum's finest paired with a little spice from Regatta Ginger Beer.

Expect us to be back in 2013...

Thank you for joining us!

Communications Team:
Event Editor/Publisher ~ Jennifer Langille
Writing/Video Interviews ~ Bill Wagner
Division 1 RC/Blog ~ Susan Burnside
Division 2 RC/Blog ~ Barb Shaffer
Division 3 RC/Blog ~ Joy Dot

Thursday, January 19

Back at It! Quantum Key West Race Week 2012

We are back at it here in warm and sunny Key West Florida for Quantum KWRW! Everyone is now on the water and preparing for Race 6 of this regatta. The weather forecast is more promising today and George Caras of Commander's Weather feels optimistic the Race Committee will successfully hold three races. However, we all know better than to guarantee such statements!

A Note on the Weather...

Currently, we have the remnants of a front just in-sight to our N/NE which will pass over our sailors in the next hour or two.

Division 1 RC/Blogger Susan Burnside keeping an eye to the sky!
Out first race of the day will likely be the most challenging. While this front slides over the courses, there could be a shower or two, and possibly some gusty conditions. None of which will last long, but enough to keep all on their toes! 

By around 1200 and onward, the expectation is dryer air, and sustained winds of 11-16kts between 010-030, shifting more towards 040 by mid afternoon (1500-1600h.) If all goes well, the RC will push for a three race day, as long as the conditions will allow for each race to be a fair event. 

We do have a few "stories" from the water worth noting. 

Division 2: The Melges 32 fleet, Pisces and Samba Pa Ti both have 14 points, with Pisces winning the tie-breaker. With Hedgehog in third at 25 points and Mascalzone Latino trailing with 28 points. Over in the M-24 fleet, West Marine Rigging/New England Ropes has a pretty secure lead with 5 points, having won all the races so far. WTF is in second with 15 points, Blu Moon at 18, Monsoon with 20, and Convexity holding 23.

Division 3: For PHRF 1 'TeamWork' and 'Tres Hombres' are tied at 10 points each and neck-to-neck! The PHRF 2 sees 'Tangent' and 'L'Outrage' duking it out, with only one point of seperation and taking turns between the 1st and 2nd place position.

Who will be on-top of the leader-boards by end of day...

Wednesday, January 18

It's a Slow Day in Paradise!

We are on "island time" this morning! 

It's going to be a slow day in paradise while we wait and hope for the breeze to fill in by mid-afternoon... Given the extra time this morning, was able to sit down with George Caras from Commander's Weather to have a little chat about the weather. He even guided me to the image below to help further explain why today's racing has been postponed.

The bright yellow and blue line is the weakening front.
George explains that while the illustrated front moves East/South East, the winds ahead of it are dying, and otherwise being "killed"(his words!) While this system is allowed to pass through, which is dependent on an exiting area of high pressure to it's North/Northeast, we have the possibility of a freshening breeze by mid-to-late afternoon, and why the Race Management chose to push back today's racing.

Did we all follow that?

Our plan will be to sit back down with George at 1130. He will have received his next round of updates, bringing us all up to speed on whether or nor we'll have "race-able" breeze. In addition to that, we have staff out on the water monitoring the conditions as well. The team's overall goal is to have one solid race this afternoon. However, the weather models for the next two days of Quantum Key West Race Week are looking beautiful. We will be racing the next two days. 

Everyone wants our race participants to have the most enjoyable time possible while here, and will be straight-up if it looks like racing will have to be called off for the day. With that said... I'd keep your mind prepped for at least one race in light air conditions until the official notices are made. Be prepared to be out on the water a touch later than normal. We will adjust schedules for shore-side events as necessary if it becomes clear participants and staff are running late as a result.

What to do in the meantime?

If you aren't out and about enjoying the island, our friends at Layline/Gill are offering a "Postponement Sale" (15% off) at their location here on Caroline Street. Stop on by and pick up some swag for your family and friends back home! Show the love!

Tuesday, January 17

Enjoy the Mount Gay Rum. Shore-side Activities at Quantum Key West Race Week.

Kelly's Bar and Grill has been a gracious host to the Quantum Key West Race Week participants, local tourist and residents. For 2012, event management have done away with the "party pass" and have made the venue open to the public with a cash bar. There aren't too many places where you can get a Mount Gay Rum beverage for such a sweet price between 5:30 - 7:30pm!!!

To help keep the BARBADOS SQUALL rolling and lines to the bar shorter, there are event staff scattered about selling drink tickets. To acquire these tickets quickly, keep those old school paper bills handy! Come on over with cash for the most efficient path to your well earned beverage! All shore-side activities kick-off shortly after 1700.

Perfect day to Race in Key West Florida

We are looking at a perfect day of racing, for Lewmar/Navtec's Day Two of racing here in Key West Florida.

Our dear friend George Caras (aka KWRW Weather Guru) tells us the earlier start will mean all participants will have a gorgeous full day on the water. We are planning on a three race day, expecting a consistent breeze between 100-130 and ranging between 13-18 kts. The models have the winds dropping off as we near 1500. However, we'll be finishing up our third race by that point, and 10-15 kts will be a welcome relief for our sailors!

Keeping this short! Join me over on the facebook wall. Will be uploading photos and stories from yesterday while we wait for racing to commence... 

Monday, January 16

Lets Talk Shop!

You are at home. We are in Key West. Want to feel like you are here?

Here's the plan, and we have five days of racing to perfect it as we go!

Join me on Facebook! We will be keeping the conversation as lively and active as possible. Our number one goal is to help everyone at home feel like they are as much apart of the action as the sailors! 

Ask questions, lets talk about the sailing, get to know our sailors, and experience the story that is Key West Race Week. I look forward to hearing from you! ~ Jennifer Langille/Editor